BUG TAMER - Unmatched Insect Protection

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Shannon's Bug Tamer is covered by U.S. Patents #4,716,594 and #5,600,850 and the Canadian Patents #1,279,953 and #2,199,794

America's preferred and best insect protection garment system, the patented Double-Guard twin-mesh Bug Tamer Plus in Classic or 3-D Big Leaf styles, and the economical single-mesh Bug Buster Plus, in regular or 3-D Big Leaf. Now, you can hunt, fish and enjoy the outdoors in real comfort and without using potentially hazardous chemical sprays and Protections.

Inventor Keith Shannon's twin-mesh Double-Guard Bug Tamer Plus clothing gives you complete and natural protection against biting, disease carrying mosquitoes and flies and many other insect pests. Patented Contain scent control technology is built in!

The single mesh Bug Buster Plus line is the economical solution to cool, lightweight, washable and snag-resistant insect protection.

No matter what style you choose, you never have to be miserable outdoors again!

Keith Shannon, inventor of the internationally recognized Bug Tamer, is an avid bowhunter and experiments (successfully) with many other products such as RealDEER.